March ‘14
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March/April ‘14

Currently I’m working a lot on the topic of manipulation.
How we’re shaped by society in negative and positive ways.
It all started when I saw an old add for Lucky Strike  by the photographer by Nickolas Muray. It featured this woman that had a bit of a holy thing about her, yet everything else about the image made it clear that she wasn’t a Virgin Marry. For me colour and shape is everything and that’s exactly what makes this add. If colour usage and the gaze of the woman doesn’t lure you in already the composition will. This composition is a very common one, it’s the holy one,you expect goodness. Most people would say that the demeanour of the woman also matters, I disagree. I think you can simplify this image and it would still have its manipulative power. Take away the cigarette, take away the woman, take away the colours, leave the shape. Then what you’re left with you just need to soften and brighten.
And then there you have it a perfectly manipulative image. 

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December ‘13

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Assesment # 1

Opaque  by  andbamnan